Hi! I’m a multimedia artist, educator, and creative communications consultant. I’m passionate about using art for social impact and change. P.S.- I also perform at times under the stage name Kat Culture. Yes, you can call me Kat or Katie!

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications, as well as a Master of Education. I’m a Teach for America alumni Phoenix ‘08 and Google Certified Teacher Stockholm ‘13. I also happen to love the ocean. Snorkeling is one of my favorite activities of all time. That respect and love for the ocean is one of the factors that motivates me to community engagement work and social impact projects.

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Creating art for social impact

I create art from single-use plastics. That’s right, I actually collect my own trash and repurpose it into art for social good. Check out the arts collaborative and social impact studio I co-founded, Wasted Reality.

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Community Engagement

I love community building projects that center social and environmental justice. In my spare time when I’m not making art, I’m developing and growing my online community, the Stop Plastic! - Take Action Facebook group.

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Let’s collaborate

Here are just a few things I’m interested to make:

  • Environmental art, such as installations or performances using single-use plastics

  • Community pop-ups, art shows, creative experiences

  • Flash mobs, performance art, experience marketing

  • Murals, installations, community engagement experiences

  • What are you dreaming up? Let’s collaborate together!

Let’s work together

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