Our Sophisticated Denial


“Our Sophisticated Denial”

Kat Culture & Jen Fedrizzi

November 26, 2017

Artists’ Television Access Gallery, San Francisco

Almost Public/Semi-Exposed Performance Art Series

5-hour durational performance “drowning” in trash

A 5-hour durational performance challenging passersby on Valencia Street in San Francisco's Mission district to confront their consumption patterns on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving). 

Artists Jen Fedrizzi and Kat Culture (Katie Williams) collected trash over the course of two months---specifically disposable waste products in order to highlight our culture's single-use mentality. Trash was slowly dropped into the gallery window with increasing intensity, until the performers were obliterated in disposable waste.

As we continue to pollute our waterways, oceans, and deplete the earth's natural resources, is there enough time, and/or collective care, to turn back? Or, will we one day indeed "drown" in our own trash?

Also, enjoy the unedited video from the street.

Photo Gallery

Photos by MRK Photography


Unedited Street Video


Edited video by Daniel Miramontes